Monday, July 13, 2015

Before and After: Downstairs Bedrooms

Filtering through all our projects, even a few rooms at a time, is quite the task! It's definitely fun looking through the old projects though! Here are the downstairs bedrooms and the master bath before and afters

What we did:
What we miss:
  • The coziness of this room
  • Character
  • Shelving
  • Believe it or not... the carpet. We have laminate in our new bedroom and the dogs' nails on it is one of the worst sounds ever

What we did:
What we miss:
  • Vanity storage
  • Places to put shampoo, condition, etc in the shower that's not the floor

What we did:
What we miss:
  • Can I say everything? I loved this room and we're working to make Will's new room as comfy as this one. More specifically...
  • The murals
  • The laundry organization
  • The curtain... much harder to sneak peaks into Will's room now.

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