Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Washer and Dryer in the House!

I feel like the title of this post needs a loud speaker for announcement .. and a guy that can really extend out the word "house". We are so excited that we now can do laundry without lugging it out to the garage and this also means we are one step closer to getting the baby's room put together.

The reason we were able to move the laundry with minimal effort (aka not starting from scratch) is that the bathroom plumbing for the sink was in the correct wall for us to tap into. Nate cut out a section of the drywall (this is the addition so it's drywall instead of plaster and lath) and connected the washer hookups to the the drain of the sink and drilled the holes for the Pex. He also got everything ready to go for the dryer plug. Then while he was under the house in the crawl space, I fed the wire and Pex down to him so he could hook everything up.

This job definitely fell into the category of spending more time dreading the project then it actually took to get it done. Once we were able to check that there weren't any leaks anywhere, drywall was put back over the hole we made.

And all the seams got sealed and puttied. It's really amazing to me what a little drywall and putty will do.

Besides cleaning up at this point, the only other project we did was add a rubber mat with a frame where the washer and dryer sit to reduce vibrations and to give a stopping point for the carpet installers. Then it was just a matter of brining out units in (giving them a good cleaning) and hooking everything up!

Right now they look like they are just floating in the middle of the room, but eventually we will install built-ins all around them so we will have a ton of storage and a great folding area.

Since installing these we've done so many loads of laundry and I cannot even begin to tell you how easy it is to do laundry compared to before.

You want to see whose life isn't as easy with this change?

Talk about sheer willpower. Since these two back rooms have been such a disaster area for so long, we have basically trained the dogs that they aren't allowed to cross the threshold without us telling them they can. Poor Madeline hates not being in the same room as us so this is her standing as close as she can possible get without breaking the rules. We have since cleaned up enough where they are allowed back again but I was super impressed with their ability to follow commands!

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