Thursday, January 31, 2013

Maternity Photos

In my photo organizing spree earlier this year, it became very clear that Nate and I have almost zero photos of us together. Most of the photos that we take are of the house or of each other but we rarely take the time to set up a timer or get other people to take pictures of us. The last nice pictures of us together are actually from our wedding which was three and a half years ago! 

Due to this lack of documented togetherness, it became a priority to get some pictures of us taken before our family jumped to three. One of our friends was super nice and offered to take some pics of us this past weekend so we headed over to a local public garden with my new camera and took a bunch of pics.

Here are some of our fav's:

Pretty much all of the photos came out beautifully (there were a couple of very awkward ones though) but my absolute favorite is this one:

The combo of the light and the stone is amazing and you can clearly see my bump! We owe a huge thanks to our friend Emily for taking these pictures!

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