Monday, October 15, 2012

Redirecting an A/C Vent

A little less than a year a go we showed you how we put a large built-in window seat in our sunroom.  It's a great place to read or play games and our friends' kids like hanging out here in their own separate area that we can still see them in. 

There was one issue though... we never got around to venting the air conditioning out of the side and since the dogs hang out in this room while we aren't home, the bench that has the air vent in it has been perpetually open for the past 6 months.  This meant that the sun room has looked disheveled for quite a while and we were finally fed up with it. After a trip to Lowe's, we got to work redirecting the air.

Nate measured everything before we headed to the store so we were able to get the correct lengths of venting. We then pulled up the venting from the crawl space and dry fitted all the venting pieces to make sure everything would fit.

We are losing some storage space by doing this but we would much rather the correct air flow in the room and lose the space (especially because we still have a ton of storage in this area). We also had a little bit of wiggle room so we positioned the venting in a way to best maximize the storage.

On the other side, we popped off some of the trim and measured where we wanted the vent cover to go so that from the outside it didn't look awkward. Luckily, things lined up for us to do this. Then Nate drilled holes in the four corners of the rectangle and used his jigsaw to cut out the hole.

After a little bit of trimming to make sure the cover fit and was level, we attached all the duct work. Most of the pieces were attached using tape but the last piece (that fans out) was attached by bending back the edges and nailing it to the wood using our nail gun so it was nice and secure. We then taped the edges so the air wouldn't leak.

Once the duct work was attached we just popped in the vent cover. We were concerned that the cover wouldn't stay since it's technically a floor vent, but Nate did such a good job with keeping the hole the correct size that it fits in quite snuggly and stays on its own.

Now we can close the lid and still have A/C! Everything looks much cleaner and Madeline's dog bed actually is under the table that is in front of this vent so she can sit right in front of it and feel the cool breeze.

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