Monday, June 20, 2016

Awkward Laundry Room to Full Bath

We officially closed out our permit last week. All inspections have been done and we have minimal finishing work left to do. Last week also marked 1 year in the house... crazy!!

We generally have a few things left to do in a lot of rooms, but one space that is completely done is the new kids bath that we put in in this weird storage space in the front section of the laundry room ( the washer and dryer are behind the half wall). This area was completely useless to us and it was the perfect amount of space for a full bath. Adding a full bathroom to the house is not only good for resale, but it freed us up to create a second master bedroom with attached bath on the second floor (the original master is on the first floor... away from kids... which is not awesome with a newborn)

Since this is the kids bathroom, I wanted something easy to keep clean but also a little fun. It took awhile but now it looks like this!

Nate started by ripping out the shelving and opening things up so that he could run all the new plumbing and electrical.

He also framed out the rest of the half wall to close off the laundry room and put in a new door so that we could access the laundry room from the top of the stairs (which is so much better since it keeps the noise away from the bedrooms). We also framed out a wall so that we could add storage at the base of the tub.

We've gutted and redone bathrooms before, but this was the first time we created a bathroom where there previously was none. This meant the first time installing a tub and plumbing everything from scratch. We've learned that tubs aren't the most fun thing in the world to install and that it's useful to have some one with small hands around. The annoyance of the tub was slightly offset by the fact that we got it on a major clearance.

We bought an Ikea cabinet (It's one of the pantry cabinets from the kitchen department) and inserted it in the space we left at the end of the tub.

We did Hardy board and installed a membrane on top for around the tub. We didn't love this in terms of ease of install, but it's supposed to keep the tub area nice and dry.

We've been using Floor and Decor extensively in this reno and picked up the floor tile for under $3 a sqft. We love the clean and classic look and we paired it with the subway tile in the shower.

Dark grout is a bit more fun and a little easier to keep clean with the little guys. HOWEVER, it is a pain in the butt to clean up. If we were to use it again, we would be really keep an eye on the grout lines to make sure we clean up any extra grout because cleaning it up is really annoying once it's dry and since it's dark, it shows any imperfection.

We added some finishing touches and we had a working bathroom! We spent ~5k on the whole bathroom including all the framing, plumbing, wiring and HVAC. In our area, adding a bathroom increases the value of a house by 6k so we're up $1,000 just on appraisal alone (which only counts it's existence, not the finishes)

Paint- Valspar Signature : Sea Salt Blue in Eggshell
Lowes - Vanity (similar), Faucet, Toilet, Light, Tub, Towel Bar, Hooks, Fan 
Target - Mirror, Buckets (dollar area)

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