Monday, February 4, 2013

Paint and a Breath of Fresh Air

A couple of weeks ago, this is what the baby's room was looking like.

And now we're looking like this:

A lot has changed in this room over the last couple of weeks. We moved the washer and dryer into this space and Nate and his sister painted this room and the our master when she came and visited. We chose the color Geyser by Olympic. It's hard to capture the true color but it is a light blue green. Nate also sealed up the doors leading outside so they currently can't be opened and rain and bugs can't get in.  Another big change in this room is the ceiling fan. It has been a huge pet peeve of our old ceiling fan didn't have a light and was really gross. We initially were just going to put a light adapter in the old fan but for an extra $20, we were able to get a whole new fan which is much sturdier and prettier than the original. It also sits closer to the ceiling so the room feels taller.

Nate popped the old ceiling fan off and after wiring everything back up, we had a drastically different look in the room (and light!!)

Here's a shot of the other side of the room. We were still working on patching a few areas and priming new drywall so about 90% of the rooms are painted.

Next up in this room is finishing painting (including a fun project that we're working on) and getting carpet installed. Once this happens we can start moving furniture in!

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  1. I am absolutely loving that paint!! It is so pretty for a nursery!