Monday, June 23, 2014

Inexpensive Gold Dipped Lamps

Have I complained to you about the price of lighting recently? I haven't? Well, let me tell you... it sucks finding a lamp that you like and then looking at the price tag. Every. Single. Time. Like these cute little lamps from Land of Nod for $134. Maybe I just get my hopes up to much but I am always shocked by price tags like this. This is why we still have our silver lamps that were in our bedroom but now hang out in the dining room. We got them for free from friends and I know they are really nice so I change out the shade every once and awhile and call them "new". 

These hand-me-down lamps were way to tall for the nightstands and bed height in our bedroom (hence their move to the dining room) and so I was on the hunt for some bedroom friendly lamps. I really like the Land of Nod ones but there was just no way I was putting down almost $300 for two small table lamps. 

You can imagine my excitement when I found a pair of simple, small, table lamps at Target on sale. Our Target gets attacked on sale day so it is rare to find a pair of anything when you find something you love. These cute little guys were $14.98 a piece which was the perfect price to try a little DIY to get a similar look to the Land of Nod lamps.

I taped off the cord and all of the lamp except the bottom half of the base (I couldn't for the life of me find painter's tape so I made it work with gorilla tape). Then I just sprayed the base with some gold spray paint.

I took the tape off after a couple of minutes and the gorilla tape surprisingly gave a nice clean line.

I added the lampshade back and popped the lamps next to our bed. They aren't as flashy as the Land of Nod lamps but they are more our style and they add the functionality we need.

Easiest project ever? I think so. As an added bonus, these give much better soft lighting for the bedroom so I can read without Nate sleeping with a pillow over his face.


  1. I love this! These look way cuter than the Land of Nod lamps. :)

  2. Love these! Wish I had snatched one up when they were still in stock. Any idea what they were called?

    1. Thanks. I looked all over and could not find a name for them or even a picture online :( If I happen upon them again I'll let you know!