Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY Master Canopy

Our office made bedroom has been the focus of our attention for the last few days. We've been working on a few projects to make the room more functional, comfortable and generally nicer to look at. One area of focus was the ceiling. Over the years it has clearly been patched, not well, and since this is what we stare up at when we lay in bed, I wanted to do something about it.

Since we eventually want to renovate this whole space, we didn't want to put in the time or energy into putting a skim coat on the whole ceiling. Instead, we decided to DIY a canopy that would cover the ceiling and make our little bed nook a little cozier.

We got 15 yards of inexpensive white fabric, a few skinny dowels, some eye hooks and wire. We aren't really sure what this room was initially used for, but it has a large support beam running across it so we used that as our starting point. We rolled the fabric around the dowel and then nailed the dowel to the corner of the beam using our nail gun.

Once our three dowels with fabric were attached to the beam, Nate attached eye hooks to the bend in the ceiling and to the corner where the wall and ceiling meet.

We attached wire to the eye hooks so that we created two lines where the fabric could rest. Then I draped the fabric over the wires and tied each panel at the center of the wall.

Now we have a soft ceiling to look up at instead of a bumpy uneven one. (Oh, and we got a new bed but that's another story).

For the wire we used picture frame wire rated for 40 lbs. It sags a little in the middle but since we were going for light and flowy, it works really well.

This project only took a couple of hours to put together and only cost ~$45 for all the material. We are really loving the impact it makes on this room. With this one little change the room feels so much more like a bedroom!

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  1. Well...that is so cozy looking! I think it's a nice way to go and something a renter could do as well, without disrupting the lease agreement!

    good idea!

  2. It's gorgeous! It looks like a soft cloud above your heads. Little Bit from

  3. That canopy is so cozy and inviting! :) great job guys! catching you!


  4. Wow! It is like a retreat!