Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shady Business

Gasp! Could it be? Is this actually a house post? 

After a month of life posts, you may be wondering if anything is going on at the house. Well, now that we've recovered from our trip and Will is a little bit older (if you're in need of a Will pic fix, come back tomorrow for his 4 month update) we're finally making some progress on some projects at the house. 

We've had our canopy up for about 5 months now and we love what it does for the space aesthetically, but in terms of keeping light out and privacy it was definitely lacking in usefulness. This was especially annoying at night when we had to get ready for bed with all the lights off so there was no potential for our neighbors to look in.

So we grabbed a bunch of bamboo shades from Home Depot for the windows. We used these in our last house and love the look/price combo. These are just under $17 each and look so much better than basic mini blinds.

The windows in this room are really deeply set so it looked best to have the shades closer to the window vs closer to the room. The only problem with this was that the installation hooks that come with these shades wouldn't work with this set up. Instead, I just tacked in some nails and hung the shades on those instead.

It took only about 20 min to hang all four shades and now we have privacy, less light in our faces in the morning, and a little more texture in this room.

Don't you love quick projects that make a big impact?

P.S. What do you think of our new quilt? We got it on a major sale at Ballard Designs. I've been wanting bedding from there forever and we got so lucky with this find. It really is amazing the quality difference from what we normally buy. Now we just need to get correct size pillows for the shams (we have two even though only one is pictured).


  1. I like it!
    I was thinking of getting a couple of those for our bedroom...and then I remembered I had some white roman shades (right now I have shear lacy window panels) ...it's all subject to change soon!

    I like the yellows and greys in this room and the shades do add a nice touch.

    1. Thanks! I feel like things are constantly changing in our place. Sometimes I wish we could just have a finished place but then I get bored and need to change things up!