Friday, January 25, 2013

The New Master in the House

Not only are we working on trying to get the baby a decent living space, in the same breath we are also trying to get our new living space put together.

We are converting what we used to use as an office into the master. It sits right off of the baby's room and while some people may consider it small, it's the perfect size for us and our needs. One of the most exciting things for me is that this space is big enough to fit a king size bed!

But before we can get a bed in here, we need to finish the rough stuff. First on that list is finishing the drywall. You may remember we created this bump out to create our appliance wall in the kitchen and while the kitchen side of things is in pretty good shape, this side has been sitting incomplete for awhile since we could just close the door and forget about it.

But since we are inching closer and closer to needing to be in this room, we had to get on it and finish things up. Nate went to town with the putty and a couple of nights and a lot of hard work later, the walls are looking good... kinda like actual walls!

We are taking full advantage of the vertical space in the room (part of the room has really tall ceilings and the other half has lower ceilings) on either side of the bump out. The space on the left is going to be a hanging closet. It has enough space to get 2-3 (we haven't decided yet) rods in so we will be able to hang a ton of clothes. On the right we will have floor to ceiling shelf for folded clothes. 

The fact that we will have clothes storage in the vertical space and we'll have the closet that is in the bathroom means that we don't need to have any dressers in the master which is why this space works for us as our bedroom. 

The rest of the list for this room is the following:
  • Prime and Paint
  • Carpet
  • Trim
  • Door for Closet
  • Shelves
  • Make/Get Bed
It's not an overwhelming list but it is a list and it needs to get done. We are super excited to get our measurement for carpet tomorrow so that will bring us one step closer!

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