Friday, February 27, 2015

Master Closets - Shelving

Let's take a step back in time. 

This was our Master bedroom a few months after we bought the house. There was still a walk through to the kitchen, and no bump out. 

After we completed the major layout change in the kitchen renovation and the walls in the Master, we were left with two alcoves (one of which was basically the old doorway). We knew what we wanted to do with them from the get go, but it's taken us awhile to actually finish them off.

As in our normal fashion, we finished them enough to make them functional. So, the left closet got rods and the right got shelves and that is how they've stayed... until now. 

About a week ago, I popped out all the shelves and brought them outside. I laid them all out with the rest of the trim for this room and used my paint sprayer to spray everything white (I love that thing). It took two coats but after I let them dry I could pop them back on the braces. This left them looking better but still a little flimsy.

Luckily, I already knew that was going to happen so I used the classic trick of just popping on some flat trim to the front of the shelves to beef them up. We cut a board down to be true 3" width to cover the boards and the support pieces. Everything got touched up with caulk and paint and now we have finished looking shelving (and now all our clothes are away again... you should have seen our room while I was working on the shelves... clothes everywhere!!)

Next up... the hanging clothes closet. Fingers crossed the door install goes smoothly!

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