Tuesday, October 8, 2013


For the most part we really like the setup we have for Will's room. There are so many positives with his little spot at the back of the house, but there is one thing that is a negative.

The bathroom that we use is essentially inside his room. During the day this isn't a big deal but at night it started to become a problem. If our light was on in our bedroom and we opened the door to go to the bathroom, the light would shine right on Will's crib. We also had to be super quiet opening and closing doors since the tend to creak and while Will is a pretty good sleeper, if we make a good amount of noise at the wrong time, we can easily wake him up.

While it would be nice to have an actual door on the other side of the bathroom door, that's not really feasible so I headed to the fabric store to see if I could find a better solution. I lucked out at my favorite place. I found lined thick fabric for $5 a yard in their remnants section. Usually I can't find anything long enough in this section, but this time they had two pieces just over 3 yards... which is how much i needed! I could have gotten away with just 3 yards if I didn't finish the back, but since these would be seen on both sides I folded them in half to make two fully finished panels. 

Will enjoyed playing with the measuring tape after I used it to cut each panel down to 3 yards. Once they were the correct length, I busted out my sewing machine and sewed three of the sides with the good sides facing one another.

I then turned the panels right side out, finished the final edge and then folded the top over enough for a dowel to fit through and sewed the last seam. I was going to finish the top differently, but I got going and forgot, so instead of getting out the seam ripper and fixing it, I just decided to go with it. This resulted in two broken sewing needles since apparently six layers of this uber thick fabric was just a little too much for my little machine.

You know what else in my house is just a little too much? Our dogs. After finishing one panel and folding it up on the floor our dogs claimed it as their own... because there is absolutely nothing else soft in our house for them to sit on... apparently.

Nate installed dowel brackets really close to the ceiling so that the curtains go all the way from the floor to the ceiling for maximum sound/light blockage. With the curtains closed, no light... and I mean no light... gets in from our room or the bathroom. They also decrease any noise significantly. You can still hear a little but now it's not loud enough to wake Will up.

After having the curtains up for a couple of weeks, I added tie backs so that when Will isn't napping we can walk through easily, let light through and so if Will's playing in his room I can easily peak in on him. Overall we love how this little adjustment is working... and that it cost less than $40 to allow us to stop tiptoeing around.

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