Monday, March 16, 2015

Closet Barn Door

To remind you, we took the walk way from the kitchen to our new master and turned it into a closet.

It has stood without a door for about a year now and while it didn't really bother us, it really needed a door. It's in an awkward corner with the main door to the room so we didn't want to do a traditional swing door and so we decided to do a barn door instead.

We ordered the hardware off of Amazon. There are a lot of different designs and price seems to fluctuate a lot so if you are looking for something similar I would do some hunting/waiting until you find a good price/design combo. We got ours for about $75 before shipping for reference.

We considered DIYing the hardware for a little bit but in the end it was going to be annoying/pricy to do it and get the same functionality. We did do a little modification on the one we bought. We could only find a 6' long rail so Nate cut the side down that would be flush with the wall so that it was the right length. The other end got a stopper (which you can see further down) so the door didn't go careening off the end into the TV. The rail also has a natural bend in it so you want to install it so the high point is in the middle. This allows for the door to rest comfortably in the open or closed position.

We used the door that we took off the old half bath eons ago so that was free but we wanted to use the door knob that matches the rest of the house but we obviously couldn't have the knob on the back of the door.

Nate came up with the solution to use a bolt in the end of one side of the knob so that the knob won't turn and the cover plate is attached with the knob itself. Then we could just screw the knob plate to the door and we had a matching knob that still allows the door to slide.

The door itself needed some work so it got some caulk and paint and that was it! Now we can hide our clothes when we want and still have full functionality in the room when the door is open.

That finishes off the master bedroom. We did a few other things like fix floor trim but nothing that warrants an entire post. We'll be back tomorrow with a before and after for this room!

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  1. We just bought a house and I am DYING to install a set of barn doors! Thanks for the inspiration.We're going to try it. Found you via Bloggertunities