Thursday, March 19, 2015

Master Bedroom Evolution

You ready for the entire Master transformation in one post? I'm super happy with how everything turned out! I split things up into three different view points and went from beginning to end so enjoy the 4 year transformation.

Wall shared with kitchen:


We bumped out the center of this wall to make the appliance nook in the kitchen which allowed us to build in two closets where there previously were none. We added the shelving and barn door and awesome planked ceiling.

Wall shared with bathroom:

We painted and had wall-to-wall carpeting installed and we added a few fun touches like the map art and the canopy.

Wall shared with sunroom/dining room:

On this side we moved the door from entering into the sunroom (don't have any pics of that) to entering into the dining room. The flow is so much better now and if we keep the door to the dining room closed, people have no idea that there is another huge part of the house behind the door!

This room isn't huge but it perfectly fits our king bed and it's really the perfect spot for us. We love having a bedroom on the first floor and even thought it took a long time to finish, I really think taking our time paid off. 

There is almost nothing to source in here but if you are interested:
- we made the bookshelves years ago
- the bedding is from Ballard Designs (similar design different color)
- the ceiling lamps and window shades are from Lowe's
- the table lamps are a DIY project but the original lamps are from Target (similar style) 
- map art frames are from Ikea
- barn door hardware is from Amazon
- tree art is from Christmas Tree Shops
- wall cabinet is from my parents
- clothes hamper is from West Elm
- step stool is from Ikea

So what do you think?

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