Friday, April 19, 2013

Closet Happenings

As part of the kitchen renovation, we took an awkward closet/passthrough and nook and turned it into a bump out for our appliance wall in the kitchen.

The bump out didn't span the entire wall so we were left with two narrow but very tall sections on either side. On one side we framed it out so it could be a closet for hanging clothes and on the other we left it more open so we could put shelves in.

On the left, we bought a few large wooden dowels and wooden closet rod brackets. We drilled the brackets into studs and then popped into the dowels to create rods to hang clothes. We were able to stagger the rods so we were able to get three rows in: one way high up for my dresses (it is situated towards the back so that the dresses can hang behind everything), one in the middle for my shirts and one low for Nate's shirts.

On the right we installed shelves basically floor to ceiling for all of our folded laundry. These two closets hold the majority of our clothes while the rest (mostly of the undergarment and sport variety) live in our bathroom closet. This allows us to not need any dressers in our room which definitely helps make it feel more spacious.

Now that we can use these spaces, we can focus on making this area look a little nicer by trimming out the shelves and adding a closet door.

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