Monday, April 22, 2013

Two and Three Weeks

We've been having fun the last few weeks getting to know our little guy better. It's crazy how much Will changes every day and we've been really lucky to have both been home with him to watch him change. Here's a rundown of the last couple of weeks.

Will isn't the only one who loves the Boppy Pillow. I've now caught Zoe sleeping on it twice.

My parents visited for a couple of days and Will showed off his head control skills.

Will also got his first real bath since his cord finally fell off.

Right Now I'm...

  • Loving bright lights
  • Going through a growth spurt 
  • Eating about every 2 hours
  • Loving real baths after hating sponge baths
  • Enjoying grabbing hair and holding on
  • Over nine and a half pounds! 

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