Friday, October 19, 2012

Office Conversion to Master Update

We really haven't shown you too much of our old office area except for this shot awhile back of the area that was going to be affected by taking down the wall between the dining room and kitchen

When our contractor was finished, the same area looked like this. We were left with the remainder of the awkward closet/passthrough thing to take down and a rough opening for a door.

After a lot of work on Nate's part, the closet is now completely gone, drywall is up, and the door is installed.

The little bump-outs are for some plumbing that had to go through the wall. They are a little awkward now but with our future plans you won't see them.

Nate also closed up the other side of the door to the sunroom and added more outlets in this room.

We had to get a little creative so that the new door would open correctly (especially because we are planning on putting carpet in this room) but after some threshold tweaking and door trimming, it now opens beautifully and is so much more convient than the other door that we had before.

We need to put up some more putty, paint and trim and then this stage of the master bedroom will be done. There is a lot more up our sleeves though and I'm still hoping that we'll be able to finish everything up before the baby comes a long. 

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