Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Chandy

Last year we decided to use candy in our mason jar to decorate for fall and while I really liked it, cleaning it out wasn't awesome and this year I wanted a more of a fall theme then a specific halloween or Thanksgiving theme. 

So this year, I stayed with the red/orange/brown theme of the living room and used some leaves as well as some very small gords and berries (all fake so I don't get mush)  to decorate the jars. The center jar also now has an orange bulb instead of the regular one to give a softer glow.

All of the small jars have the leaves in them and the large jars hold the bulkier items. The kitchen and a good chunk of the dining room is in disarray with projects that we are working on so I'm very much enjoying the little areas that we have decorated and are nice.

Want your own mason jar chandelier to decorate? We'll make one for you! Click Here

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  1. This is amazing!! I absolutely love it!

    Following now!


  2. Wow! This is really creative! Do you worry the heat might build up and catch fire? I saw a cute display for porch lights like this, and I thought the same thing. Do they seem to get hot? Anyway, enough of the gloom!! They are really really cute!!! I just found you over at Cowgirl Up, and I'm now following!! Have a great day! =) Deanna

    1. There are no decorations in the jars with the lightbulbs and the lightbulbs are CFL's so they don't really transmit heat out of the individual jar they are in so there isn't really a way for anything to catch on fire.