Friday, July 11, 2014

PVC Storage for Hair Tools

We're back in our downstairs bath again today. We are slowly trying to make this NOT the most hated room in the house but it's slow going. One of Nate's biggest annoyances in this room is that the only easily accessible outlet was by the sink. So, when I would blow dry my hair, the cord would be over the sink and if I didn't put it away right away, we would have an electrical cord in or right next to a nice water source. Not the safest design ever.

So, we went about trying to cheaply fix this problem. Obviously moving the outlet or sink would not be very cost efficient so instead, we grabbed a 4" PVC pipe we had hanging around and cut off a section.

Since our bathroom is in the addition (aka the crappiest construction job ever) there was no stud except in the corner and since we were going for easy, we decided to spend 5 minutes complaining about the crappy construction job, 2 minutes pushing on the wall and seeing how much the drywall wiggled (see no center stud above) and 1 minute screwing the PVC piece to the stud (we predrilled the holes in the PVC first).

Then we were able to plug in the blow dryer and leave it plugged in. We fed the cord through the PVC so that the cord won't dangle near the sink and I can easily pop the dryer back into place when I'm done with it.

On the other side, there was miraculously a stud in a sightly more convenient spot so we could hang two smaller PVC pieces at angles to house my curler and straightener.

To keep the cords a little more out of the way, we drilled a hole through the counter to access the plug underneath. We also installed a simple computer desk grommet (like this one) to make the hole less noticeable. Now, I can easily pull out what I need and put it back without having to deal with cords all over the place or a lot of plugging and unplugging.

Since we already have the PVC pieces, this was an under $5 project that really will improve our day to day life. It's definitely not the prettiest project but we're kinda past pretty in this room and are going for functionality until we save up enough to completely overhaul this space.

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