Monday, July 14, 2014

My Try at Terrariums

I was in IKEA awhile back and saw these sweet little plants and decided to finally get some greenery in our house. With Will we can't really do floor plants but these were perfect for sitting on our dining room table. Also, I was under the impression that succulents were pretty easy to take care of so I thought I would give them a go.

So, I did a little research, bought some supplies (vases from Marshall's, stone from Target) and replanted my little plants. Unfortunately, it turns out that they didn't like me as much as I was hoping for. After a couple of weeks things weren't looking so hot and I thought they weren't getting enough sun. After an afternoon outside, it turns out I was half right. The larger plant looked sunburnt so it came back to the table and has been doing pretty well now with a little less watering.

The little succulents did much better in the sun (however I was too late to save one of them) so I moved them to the sunroom.

Since the empty spot was a little sad, I cut the section growing out of the vase and just stuck it into the empty spot.

I watered it before our trip and checked back a couple of days ago and the little cut section actually looks like it's growing!

Based on my attempts, this is what I've learned in the past month

1. I can still kill a plant while trying to keep it alive
2. Forgetting I have plants for a week makes them love me more
3. Plants can get sunburnt
4. Transplanting a cutting is a super cheap way for it to look like you can actually keep plants alive
5. "Easy to keep alive" is a relative phrase

Don't worry, I learned other things this month but these are the plant related things. Plus, you probably could care less that I finally have a good way of remembering how to choose the correct field size for monitor unit calculations (I told you you wouldn't care... but I was pretty psyched!).

So, has there been any plant planting, killing or better yet, plant saving in you house this month? If so do tell. I need all the tricks I can get to keep these guys alive!

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