Friday, September 21, 2012

First Floor Update

About 5 months ago we gave you a run down on a bunch of things we wanted to get done on the first floor. Since we're feeling like we haven't made progress in a bit, I thought it was time for an update to see how many things we've crossed off. 

To remind you, this was our floor plan back then.

And this is the current plan for the first floor floorplan. We've made a big step in taking the wall down between the kitchen and dining room. The big difference you'll notice is that we are going to make our old office into the master (it has a better layout for a bedroom) and make the old master into a laundry room/walk-in closet. The bathroom is also going to get a whole new remodel. (for some reason the front stairs disappeared but they are still there... I promise)

So here is our list as it currently stands:

Front Hall:
Half Bath:


Back Entrance:
Living Room/Dinning Room
Sun Room
  • Possibly make into master closet and bath? X Instead...
  • Bump out wall to create two closets (and recessed appliance area for the kitchen)
  • replace floor 
  • Make into Master Bedroom
  • Get a king size bed
Master Bedroom/Bath
  • Gut
  • Insulate
  • Drop ceiling?
  • Get rid of french doors?
  • Replace floor
  • Redesign layout
When you look at what we've finished in the past five months it's reassuring that we haven't been sitting on our butts the whole time. It's also awesome that the first 3 spaces have everything crossed off the list and we have a much better vision for what the rest of the first floor will look like. Now we just have to tackle the rest of the list!

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