Monday, August 27, 2012

Kitchen Reno Update

Nate has been working super hard finishing the walls around our new opening into our kitchen. 

While we thought that the old owners had painted the entire house the same beige color, it turns out the the kitchen is a slightly darker beige then the dining room. Of course, this wasn't noticeable  until we started painting the dining room. For now we're leaving the two-tone but once we decide what to paint the dining room, this will change.

In the kitchen you'll notice everything is perfectly painted (with the same paint)! I still can't get over the openness now that the wall is down. It is also nice to be able to cook and watch TV or continue a conversation in the kitchen.

Here is the view from the dining room. Right now we have the refrigerator in line with the cabinets so it is taking up some of the opening. We have plans to recess both the cabinets and the fridge so that will all open up. Once that happens, we will be putting a peninsula in between the kitchen and dining room and getting rid of the island that is currently in the kitchen.

And you may have noticed our new door!  This will be the eventual entrance to our master bedroom and the door being here is so convient compared to it being in the sun room. 

We aren't even close to being done with this renovation, but for now (with the start of school) we can at least pause here for a bit and not feel like we are in a construction zone (just don't open up the new door! :))

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