Thursday, June 7, 2012

Front Hall Chandy

My good intentions of not missing a post while we were on our trip didn't work out so well. To make up for it, there will be a few days of double posts starting today!

Earlier this week I showed you that our pictures had been hung back up in the front hall. With that, the only thing left to do in the main part of the front hall was to replace the light.

The old light just wasn't our style. We wanted a little more pizzaz in the front entrance that fit a little better with the style of the house.

As with most items we buy, we had been looking for a light for awhile, we found one on sale that we liked a lot, and we didn't initially buy it. We actually spent a full weekend looking basically everywhere we could think of to see if we could find a light that we liked better/was a better deal.

We did not end up finding a better light so this chandelier came home with us.

We ended up getting this chandelier at Lowe's (with our 5% discount it ended up being 47% off)

It's a combo of glass and polished nickel and it goes so much better in the space compared to the old light. I love how the hall feels a lot brighter now and if all goes well, the refrigerator will get moved out of the doorway soon!

Just so you can really see the change, here are a couple before and after shot.



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