Monday, June 4, 2012

Picture Gallery Rehung

Despite the fact that the front hall has been painted for a bit now, our pictures have not been hung back up... that is until now! 

Before the wall looked like this:

and after a facelift on some of the frames, a new (super cut if I do say so myself) new center photo and a tweak on the frame arrangement, it now looks like this.

The center frame was off-white so it got a coat of white spray paint so it didn't look so off from the other white frames. Some of the darker frames were softened a little by spraying them with a dark blue spray paint and I replaced the center photo with a photo of Zoe I actually got for free with a promotion.

I'm really happy that the photos are finally back up and off the floor in the dinning room. There may be a few more tweaks on this wall in the future but right now we are living with it as is to see if this is the final arrangement (we really like to let things sit for a bit before changing them up again). 

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