Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Do You Love Fall?

I have always loved fall. I have my birthday, the weather and trees start changing and as perpetual academics, we get a fresh start with work.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to fall. Since moving to FL, fall weather and tree changes really happen in December. Also, with Nate still early in his career, fall means he's working about 12 hr days and the way my research works, I am often working until 10 pm. This means that we sometimes will go a couple of days with just saying hi and bye and since we've been travelling on the weekends, we've had basically negative time to work on house projects.

The other reasons we haven't really worked on any house projects is two-fold. First, we've put up an Etsy shop selling customizable mason jar chandeliers and I've used every spare minute of the last month making a new chandelier and 3 mason jar pendents and we are so excited to have them shipped off.

And the second, most exciting reason we haven't been doing to much work is because of this little peanut.

We'll have a lot more information in the coming weeks but our DIY focus has shifted directions slightly as we have about 6 months now to get ready for our new addition. House projects definitely won't stop, especially because we want a good chunk of stuff done before the baby comes, but they may be a bit more sparse for a little while.

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