Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tufted Loveliness: New Couch

I have spent today cleaning every surface of our downstairs in an attempt to remove the layer of dust covering everything from the wall coming down. This, of course, means that the wall has in fact come down and I'll have more on that tomorrow. Today, since the room is now nice and clean, I thought I would share with you the newest addition to the living room.

I've wanted a tufted couch for a long time now. I especially wanted one that was a fun color. I finally got the opportunity to start looking for such a couch back in December when one of our cheap inexpensive brown couches started sagging (getting lower and lower every time our friends kids jumped on it).

I spent a couple of months looking for a couch that fit my criteria and finally landed on this one from the Martha Stewart Line at Macy's. Nate and I headed over to a Macy's furniture store in Tampa to see it in person and fell in love with it. 

It is a blueish-greenish-grey color with a tufted back and curved arms and back. It also is a pretty big couch which fits in our living room a lot better than our old brown one. Another thing we loved was that we hit the store at a good time and were able to snag this beauty for over 40% off. This is officially are first piece of "adult" furniture: aka brand new, not damaged and not part of a cheap set.

We were so excited to find this couch, especially at the price, but of course everything can't be perfect. We ended up having to wait until the middle of June for the couch to come in and then another week to get delivered. Luckily, we still love it! It is big enough for Nate and I and both of the dogs to lounge comfortably on it and it is significantly more comfortable than our other couch.

We also love the couch in this space. It looks much better and less frumpy compared to our other furniture. Our plan is to slowly replace the rest of the set over the next few years but until then, the new couch is my new hangout spot. If you are ever looking for me, chances are you will find me curled up in the corner!


  1. Wow I love it it is beautiful I love the quality of Marthas products great deal and it looks fab in your home I love your style and the sun porch is to die for I came from 5day 5 ways thanks for sharing
    RaNae @ Ewe Creek Cottage
    Your lil doggie is so cute
    and I followed u also

  2. Gorgeous. I love tufted furniture!! And your living room is so cheery!

  3. what a great new piece! i love the tufted look, and am actually on the hunt for a sectional. macy's looks like they have nice furniture, it's just a matter of finding a local one that has that section.

  4. That carpet is amazing! Love the colors nice job!

  5. The couch looks like a curl-up-with-book-and-drink kind of couch. Love that carpet! Came over from Twigg's.

    Distressed Donna Down Home