Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July Festivities

Our 4th of July festivities spanned two nights this year. Our city had their yearly Red, White and Kaboom festival on July 3rd and so we walked with our friends into town (one of the great advantages of living close to town... no fighting for parking!) to watch the fireworks. The only disadvantage to walking was that the guys were a teensy bit on the warm side once we got there.

We played with pop rocks and chatted until the fireworks went off. It wasn't a long show but it did not disappoint. It was definitely a quality over quantity event.

The next day we headed to a Flying Tigers game just like we did last year. The game was delayed  slightly due to rain so there were no parachuters this year but we didn't get rained on so that was nice.

The Flying Tigers unfortunately lost in the last inning but it was a fun game. It was once again followed by a less than thrilling musical performance. They had some microphone issues and sang an interesting rendition of Sweet Caroline that made me miss Boston but they weren't out too long before it got dark enough for some fireworks!

It was another pretty spectacular show and I still think that the ball park puts on the best firework show that I've seen.

We had a really great time! It seems like we are making a tradition of going to the park for the 4th and then heading up to New England. We are still recovering from our trip but I hope everyone had a great 4th!

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