Friday, November 11, 2016

Flex Space with Some Color

One of the most frustrating spaces in our house has been the 'flex space' right as you enter the front door. It kind of feels like a entry space, but it's supposed to be another living space for the house.

There are a lot of houses with this floor plan in the area, and I've been in A LOT of them. The consensus? Nobody really knows what to do with this space. A lot of people either make it an office or a sitting room, both of which I'm told don't get used much. 

So after months of using this space as a holding spot for all of our renovation things, we finally decided to try to make this space functional for us. We often need a lot of work space for CKandNateCreate to assemble and organized all our pulls and knobs. So, we got two large tables from Ikea and put them on either side of the room so we would both have ample space to work on things.

Since the house is still very beige heavy, I decided to play around with some brighter art in this space. I found the bigger pieces on Etsy and the blue and green pieces are paper that Nate brought back from Switzerland for me years ago. The rest are just colorful family photos.

One of my favorite little extra additions is this ball clock from Regency Shop. It adds the perfect extra pop of color. We are often up late working nights and so a clock nearby is essential, and this one is fierce. It looks really delicate, but it is actually really heavy and well made. I love how the modern design plays so well off the chandelier. Which, by the way, can you believe I found on Amazon??

We also don't have a built in coat closet in this house, so we have this Ikea unit in the corner to hold our coats and shoe surplus. It isn't the most ideal of situations, but it works for our purposes.

So far, this setup has been working really well. It definitely isn't what I envisioned initially for this room, but this is definitely the most functional use of the space for what we need now. Having it finished also brightens my day since I'm not immediately walking into a disaster area. 

If you like the clock from Regency Shop, you should also check out some of their other products. They carry all different styles from this mid century Ibiza Chair, to the traditional Chesterfield Sofa, to the super modern Egg Chair. Everything is on a huge sale right now too. So you can definitely find the style you are looking for.

I was gifted the clock to provide a honest review. All opinions are mine.

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