Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bathroom Door Art and DIY Frame

Happy 4th of July! I hope you all have a relaxing and fun day (hopefully off). We will be spending it getting ready for a very exciting non-DIY project that will be occurring tomorrow and then hitting up a baseball game! 

A couple of months ago, our city had a big art festival. It featured a lot of local artists and even more from the rest of the states. We had a lot of fun walking around taking everything in and we weren't expecting to get anything but one piece really caught our eye and so during a second pass through, we picked it up.

The reason we had to get it was because #1 it is hilarious and #2 we had the perfect place for it. I had been looking for a cute sign to hang on our bathroom door for awhile since it is kind of tucked away and not everyone knows it is the bathroom. 

Once we had our piece, it just needed to be attached to the door. We could have just  used a picture frame but we wanted something that would be really secure since we were hanging it on the door, and we wanted something that wouldn't protrude in the hallway too much. To accomplish both goals, I grabbed some wide trim that we had left over in the garage, the glass from an cheap old picture frame and the wood glue and nail gun.

I used our miter saw to ... wait for it... miter the edges of the wood before I brought it inside to hang. I then attached the bottom piece by gluing the back and putting one nail in the middle will keeping a little gap between the wood and door so the glass and picture could slide in. I leveled the bottom piece and attached a side piece before sliding the glass and picture in so that the glass couldn't slip and break.

Here's a pic of how I glued the back.

Once all the sides were attached, it looked like this

Here's a really good pic if you want to see why this is so hilarious. What I think is the best is this is actually out there somewhere. I really wish I knew where.

You might also notice that some caulking needed to be happening. I busted out the caulk and paint and went to town. By the end we had our own custom, secured picture frame for our funny art.

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  1. hahaha funny art for sure!
    I have that nail gun, LOVE it... use it all the time. So much handier than an air powered gun.