Monday, July 2, 2012

New England Visits

While we were up for my sisters wedding we were able to spend some time visiting with friends and family. Unfortunately, it rained the entire time but we still had fun!

Saturday a bunch of my relatives on my mom's side joined us on a trip to Pemaquid Point. This is a yearly trip my family makes... usually when it is nice out. On this trip it was very rainy, windy and cold but we were able to get out on the rocks and enjoy the waves.

Since moving to Florida, Nate has been warm. His goal on this trip was to feel the cold in his bones. He accomplished this by climbing out on a rock at the very tip of Pemaquid point and letting the very cold spray hit him. Meanwhile, I am standing (as you can see) very far from the edge and what you can't see is me gesturing to him in a what the heck do you think you are doing!  way. This gesturing increased as he walked up the rock and a wave crashed over where he was just standing. 

Eventually, everyone was sufficiently cold and so we went and got some clam chowder and crab cakes and other yummy food for lunch and then headed back to my parents house. That night we got a ton of lobsters and clams and had a great Maine dinner.

Not everyone had eaten a whole lobster before so there was a lot of learning happening.

There's nothing like Maine lobster!

My dad is the master of getting every bit of meat out of a lobster.

It was a really fun day and it was so much fun to spend time with my family.

We spent the rest of our trip visiting our friends and their new babies. We even got to experience Eliza's first trip to a restaurant which she basically slept through.

And we got some quality baby holding time in. This was the first of two new babies that we got to meet but I neglected to take any pictures with our other friends. 

Wedding #2 is coming up shortly so we will be travelling up north again. Based on the last two trips I've taken up there, I should expect ridiculously low temperatures despite the fact they are having unseasonably warm weather now!

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