Thursday, June 28, 2012

Treasure Hunting

While we were up in New England a few weeks ago, we took the opportunity to go hunting for glass knobs for our house. The majority of the doors have them but a few doors don't so we wanted to see if we could find matching ones. Our first stop was

This place was really awesome. It was a huge two story warehouse that had so much in it we could have spent days wandering. There were a lot of different items that I would have loved to pick up including this little filing chest which I thought would be awesome for jewelry.

It would have also been awesome to grab some of this stone. They also had aisles full of shutters, doors and various other goodies.

The upstairs had row after row of tubs, vanities and sinks including this amazing bathtub boat!

Since we were restricted to what we could fit into our suitcase, we ended up coming away with just these.

I know what you must be thinking... those are not the types of "glass knobs" that go on doors. And you would be absolutely correct! We did find glass knobs but at $75 to $150 a knob, we decided to pass. But, these locally made bathroom knobs were the right price to come home with us. Our bath tub knobs need replacing and so these will be getting a new home upstairs in our house shortly!

I did go to one other place in Boston to see if glass knobs were to be found there but they were even more expensive so we are still on the hunt.

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  1. I can't believe that glass knobs are going for that much, you need to stop in Georgia on your way to Florida. They run about $25 here. Go to the Flea Markets in FL and I bet you will find some at a good price. Look on Etsy too. I love the hot & cold handles, wish I could find a pair of those.

  2. Paradise - I'd be like a kid in a candy store! That bathtub boat is fabulous!! I rescued the old glass knobs form my house reno. Put them on brand new doors - they add so much character. Good luck on your search!

  3. What a neat place! I love your purchases... simple and classic!

  4. Try Second Chance in Baltimore City, Maryland. It's amazing!