Big Projects: If You Have Days

Build a Dining Table

Trim Ceiling Boxes

Build Raised Beds

Build Pipe Shelving

Move a Half Bath

Install a Burlap Floor

Add a Tile Wall

Oversee Replacing a Roof

Replace a Front Porch

Refresh a Dining Table

Build a Large Window Seat

Reupholster a Chair

Build A Pantry

Upgrade House Electrical

Remove a Doorway

Build a Mantel

Take a Wall Down

Build a Laundry Unit

Disclaimer: We are not professionals just a couple that loves to DIY. We work on projects in our own way and do not guarantee the results. You should only work on projects that you are comfortable with and hire a professional when necessary. 

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  1. Hey, not sure if you know or not, but when I click on any of the pictures on the Long Projects, it comes up with an error code.