Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Roof

A few weeks ago I gave you a sneak peak of the progress on our new roof. Well, we came home to it finished and even though it took a couple of days to get a good look at it due to some heavy rain, I must say it looks quite pretty.  Our neighbor was nice enough to take pictures of the progress while we were gone so before I show you the final result, here are the progress pics.

Stripping down the roof

Tar paper going up

Tar paper up and shingles moving to the roof

New off ridge vents

And here it is all finished!

Here is a before and after

You can really tell the difference! Now that the plumbing, A/C and roof are fixed, all that is left to do is treat for pest and rodents (important for FL) and we will have a house that is ready to buy!


  1. There is quite a big difference with your house now! And I must say you chose the right color for your roof. I suggest you repaint your siding as well. =)

    1. Thanks! The siding is vinyl right now which we hate so we have plans to eventually (probably not for awhile) replace it with siding more appropriate for the age and style of the house.

  2. The blue roof does look a lot better than the gray one. Hmmm… I kind agree with Freddie there. Your house would look even more beautiful if the sidings are painted. Nonetheless, it’s still refined that way. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to paint them. ;)

  3. Congrats on the new look! Since you have said earlier that you experience a lot of heavy rainfall, the color blue is perfect for your roofing not only because it looks classier (well, it does look classier than the grey one), but also because blue absorbs sunlight and converts it to heat – making your home cozier on rainy days.

  4. A darker roof is easier to clean! That’s because dirt is less visible on darker roofs. On a different note, it is good that you are also making your roof pest-free! Insects and rodents are a big threat to a roof’s quality. Homeowners don’t want to deal with pest problems because these little critters can be costly to eliminate.

  5. Yup, the difference between the previous and the new roof is very much evident! Not only are the newer and darker shingles much easier to clean, they also blend better with the overall design of the house. And with the house totally free of pests and rodents, it definitely has better chances of getting bought.

  6. What is good about high quality roofs is that it can withstand any change in weather. You don’t have to worry about storms and winds because you are secured that you and your home is protected. Remember that a roof is your house’s first defense against such elements.

  7. Whoa, your new roof looks great. I bet you guys didn't have a hard time selling your house. Modifying a certain part of your house can do a lot in making its exteriors look even more attractive.

  8. The blue roof is way better than the grey one. Also, it made a significant difference in a sense that it adds an exemplary look to your overall appeal of your home. It can add to the resale value of your home, too. So, it’s no doubt that it will attract attention of the homebuyers.