Monday, January 9, 2012

Half-Bath: Finished!

It seems appropriate that the first day back to work shows our first project of break finished. It demonstrates that we at least finished one thing that we wanted to do while we had time off. Last time you saw the bathroom up to this point:

It was almost finished but there were a few finishing touches to add. We needed a curtain for the window and I wanted to add a shelf on the wall to fill out the empty space. I really wanted a roman shade but they are so expensive I decided to make one. I'll show you later this week how I made it, but after about $12 I had this:

It was super easy and fast. I officially will never be buying a roman shade again.

As for the shelf, I didn't want to have a shelf that stuck out too far into the room. After a lot of looking, I finally got this one from Ikea. (Please ignore the junk mail under it)

I didn't like the wood for the space so I used some spray paint left over from a project that Nate did to paint it a dark blue to match the curtains.

We're planning an adding a few more accessories, but all the big stuff is now done.

We are really loving how large the room is compared to the old half bath and we really like the fact that we have plenty of room in front of the sink and toilet.

Update: I found a before pic I didn't know I had!

We also really like how the tile came out and that the toilet has it's own little nook. We are also really glad we kept the selves behind the toilet. It's really great for storing toilet paper.

So now that it's done, it's time to see how we did on the budget. When we were looking at doing this, I estimated the following:

Plumbing: $100
Electrical: $100
Fixtures: $250
Walls: $300
Floors: $50
Misc: $50

Total: $850

Now I had no idea when I did this what the plumbing and electrical would entail since I was doing the budget without Nate so it turns out I underestimated for plumbing at $182.39 but overestimated with the electrical at $44.27 so overall in those two categories I went a little more than $25 over budget. Luckily, in the fixture category we were way under. This is mostly due to the faucet that my cousin gave us. We came in at $68.83 which was mostly the lights. We were able to keep this renovation reasonable by reusing the toilet and the sink. For the walls we were a little over at $337.75 (due to the super annoying orange peel!) and we were under on the floor at $27.89. With the curtain and the rest of the accessories we came in at $56. Our grand total for the materials that went into the bathroom ended up being $717.13. We did have to buy some replacement tools for this project and we made the decision to buy a tile saw instead of rent one. This cost us another $177.68.

Grand Total for the entire project: $894.91 including taxes

Even though we went a little over budget, it was definitely worth getting the tile saw for future projects and despite the fact that it feels like I've been posting about this project for FOREVER, it really only took us a week to finish it. This seemed uber fast to us and it, along with staying basically on budget, is the reason we were able to at least start other projects this break. Now it's time to go back to our real jobs so we're going to slow down a little, but we have projects to finish so we'll still be working!

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  1. Your bathroom looks great! I like the wall behind the sink and the roman shade the best!

  2. I really like the way the bathroom turned out. The light color and pedestal sink helps it look spacious. I love the tile behind the sink. I think it adds a touch of sophistication.