Friday, June 6, 2014

Bathroom Under the Stairs: Finally Finished

Really long post warning! Feel free to just look at the pretty pictures

So here's the rundown... We decided to move our half from off the kitchen to under the stairs where there was a large storage room three years ago. We "finished" the bathroom a little over two years ago but finished really meant that large projects were finished and we were burnt out so all the little details weren't done. After a couple years break on this room, we finished all the little details so we can finally say this room is done. 

While these little detail don't make a huge impact once they are done, they were sticking out like a sore thumb in their unfinished state. Since the changes aren't awe inspiring, we'll combine them with a tour of our small half bath hiding under the stairs. Here, Will will get the door for you:

The door is one of the small fixes. When we attached the bathroom door sign to the outside of the door, the nails were a bit too long (oops) and so it messed up the inside side of the door. We painted over the spots but they were still really noticeable so we finally sanded down the inlay, puttied and repainted the whole door. 

I was actually nervous we wouldn't be able to fix this little boo-boo but I am happy to report the door looks good as new! My photography is also improving so if you go back to my old posts be kind (it's glaringly obvious in some of these comparisons too). 

Also on the door was the handle. Almost all of our doors have these awesome glass knobs but the bases aren't in great shape and none of them were attached to the door which was causing damage to the door and the knobs. So, when I took the handles off to paint the door, I spray painted the bases and found some small screws to attach them.

The screw heads were a bit of an eyesore though so to fix it, I sprayed some of the paint onto a little dish and used a small paintbrush to paint the screw heads so that they would be less noticeable.

We now can enter the room. I got to play with my new wide angle lens in this room since it is so small. Here's the entrance with the wide angle lens (left) and with my regular lens (right). There's a bit of distortion but you can see so much more of the room!


I finally got around to hanging some art. I'll have a separate post on the art since it comes with a cool back story. My DIY roman shade is holding up really well and we still used our little Target box for hiding our toothbrushes.

The marble wall is still one of my favorite things in our house. We got the tile from Lowe's as well as the sconces and towel hook that we installed. The shelf is from Ikea that I spray painted and the frame is a Marshall's find. We redid all of the electrical and installed a ceiling vent as well as an outlet in addition to the sconces. 

We are still loving the refinished floor but some of the stain got on the trim. This wasn't a big deal since I had never put the final coat of paint on anyway but it was still a pain. I tried a new method this time though. Instead of taping off the floor, I put a layer of Vaseline on the floor and then painted.

I still tried to not get paint on the floor but I didn't sweat it too much. After the paint was dry, I just wiped up the Vaseline.

I would say it worked just as well as tape but it still wasn't perfect. I think this would work better on things that are hard to tape like a doorknob since it did take some time to put down.

The last area that we improved was the toilet nook. We added shoe trim in the whole room but for some reason never put it it on the back wall which left a rather gross gap.

We caulked the back and front of the trim to fill in the gap and after the paint, things were looking a lot better.

The project that delayed this post was finishing the shelves. We had gotten so used to the unfinished state of them that they almost slipped through the finishing crack. Luckily, I caught it at the last minute. 

I picked up a couple of pieces of 1x3, painted them and used our nail gun to attach them to the fronts hiding the braces and making the shelves look a little chunkier (top shelf is what it looked like unfinished). A little caulk and a final coat of paint and we were good. (Rug is from Target)

One ugly but necessary final addition to the room was a baby lock on the toilet. Will's pretty good with water... so much so that he wants to play in it any chance he gets. Since he now knows how to lift the lid to prevent many items from being tossed in we finally had to baby proof.

Now if someone could please tell me how you go about baby proofing this:

I would greatly appreciate it!

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  1. That is a really great use of the space under your stairs and it looks amazing as well! Great job. Re your little toilet paper helper, I am afraid I have no words of wisdom to offer! My son was exactly the same!

    If you have a minute to spare I’d be thrilled if you could share your post at my weekly Say G’day Saturday linky party. It has just started and this would be a fabulous addition!

    Best wishes for a great weekend,
    Natasha in Oz

  2. Wow! Lovely transformation!! Those glass knobs...<3!!!

  3. Love this post for several reasons. 1) The bathroom is so beautiful and is a great use of space. 2) I love the tip about putting Vaseline on the floor to wipe up paint drips--I liked that tip so much I pinned it! Great job!

  4. This is lovely! I think the marble wall is my favorite part. :)

    I work with Cassity over at Remodelaholic, and I just emailed you -- hopefully it comes through okay, but just in case it gets caught in a spam filter, you can drop me a line at Thanks!