Tuesday, June 19, 2012

After Ceremony I: Formal Group Pics

After our ceremony we had a receiving line so that we could say hi to all of our wonderful guests.

Then we scooted off to sign all the paperwork so that we were officially married!

Then came the group pictures. Our college has a tradition that you take a picture at your wedding with the school banner and everyone at your wedding that attended or is attending the college.
We had a pretty good looking group of Batesies if I do say so myself!

Then came our formal pics with our bridal party and family.

Entire Bridal Party

Flower Girls

CK's Family

Nate's Mom's side

Nate's Dad's side

Nate's Siblings

We had a lot more formal pics with our bridal party, but I thought I would show you some of the more fun pics that we got.

This one was actually a formal pic of me and our groomsmen but my dad peaked out just as the picture was being taken. It still makes me laugh a little every time I see it.

Once again, three of us were taking a formal pic. We did end up getting a formal pic with them but I actually kind of like the funnier ones more.

And of course we had some hilarious ones with Nate as well!

We had a lot of fun taking these. After we were done with the group shots, everyone headed to our reception site while Nate and I took some pics of just us. Tomorrow I will show you those as well as probably the coolest aspect of our wedding (besides us getting married that is!).

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