Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome to Wedding Week!

This Wednesday marks our third year of marriage! To celebrate, this week is going to be dedicated to giving you a little peek into one of our favorite days.

We are going to start with the ceremony. We got married in Norwich, VT in a cute little church.

We wanted a happy and not too serious wedding and so our wedding colors were orange, magenta and yellow and our flowers were gerber daisies. My bridesmaids wore dresses that we found at H&M. I had a seamstress add a magenta accent and I made sashes to make them a little more formal. I wore a dress that I got at a running of the brides event.

We had 4 bridesmaids, 3 groomsmen and 3 cutest little flower girls! We found these flower girl dresses that matched perfectly at a department store. Our florist (from River Bend Home and Garden Supply Co) did a great job making the church look amazing with these cute buckets filled with gerber daisies and one for each flower girl filled with flower petals that they got to throw after the ceremony.

We had an episcopal ceremony and Nate's brother and one of my good friends gave readings.

The ceremony wasn't too long, but to let people follow along, we made these programs that doubled as fans. We used popsicle sticks between two sheets of colored heavy duty construction paper. We stamped our wedding date on the sticks and printed out our program on white construction paper and glued it in the center. We had our groomsmen hand these out as people entered the church.

The groomsmen and my dad wore tuxes with pale yellow vests and ties and Nate wore a matching tux but with a white tie and vest. The groomsmen also wore a rose represent each of our three colors.

These are a couple of my favorite pictures from the ceremony. Everything went so well and we were so happy to be married!

Our groomsmen gave us a great send off by ringing the chapel bell (I think they would have kept ringing it if we didn't have other things to do they were having so much fun)

After the ceremony we took had a receiving line and a ton of family photos which I will show you tomorrow!

P.S. All of these pictures were taken by our awesome photographer Geoff Hansen

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