Wednesday, June 20, 2012

After Ceremony 2: Formal Pics

After we took all of our group pics, we sent everyone off to our reception site while Nate and I took some pictures of just the two of us. 

We spent awhile going around to our favorite scenic areas near our church and reception site.

This covered bridge was actually severely damaged by Hurricane Irene which makes us really sad because it is one of the many things that made this area really unique (I believe they are working to repair it though)

We slowly made it back to the Quechee club where we were having our reception. They have a gorgeous golf course as part of the club so we took some pictures on the grounds.

And then the best thing happened! We got married on the same weekend as the balloon festival in town. It wasn't the greatest of days for the balloons to go up so we really weren't expecting to enjoy them. (We even asked some of the balloon owners the night before if they thought they were going up and they said no) Not only did they go up, but one landed in the parking lot right across from the club! Our photographer rushed us over so that we could get some pics with the balloon (which was the same colors as our wedding colors!)

The people going for the balloon ride and the owner were so great. They ducked down for shots and sent the flame going so we were able to get some pretty amazing pictures.

By the time the balloon set back off, the sky was covered in balloons. It was such an amazing gift especially since we were pretty sure it wasn't going to happen.

Eventually, we had to stop taking pictures and head back over to the club for the reception.

Tomorrow I'll show you how our guest spent their time while we were off gallivanting with hot air balloons!

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