Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cocktail Hour

While Nate and I were off taking pictures, our guests were back at our reception site enjoying some food and drink. We had a smaller indoor space off of our reception room for the cocktail hour that was utilized for little girl dancing

And off of this space was a huge deck. We got lucky that it didn't rain and the balloons went up because it gave everybody a fun area to chat, catch up and take pictures.

When we got back from taking pictures, we went upstairs for a little snack and refreshments, hair fixing and dress bustling

and dance practicing.

We also got this great picture with one of our wedding planners. He used to be in the army and did an amazing job keeping everything on track and making sure nothing went wrong.

Behind us is a wall of all the presidents of the club from over the years which include Nate's grandfather! (which is why we were able to afford the club)

We stayed upstairs and took a little break until we were announced for the reception. Tomorrow I will show you the final part of our wedding!

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