Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pantry Overview

We are officially calling it. The pantry is finally complete. It has taken 5 months of destruction, construction and last minute tweaks but it is now our most organized space in the house! Since it has been such a long process, here is a recap of how we created our pantry out of a half bathroom.

Nate and his dad started this whole process by moving the fridge and taking apart the nook the refrigerator sat in that took up all the space in the half bath.

Once everything was demolished, they moved plumbing and updated the electrical. We also framed out the old entrance to the bathroom.

Then we closed off the the door and the wall.

We replaced the cracked tile with a durable burlap floor (to see how we did this click here and here)

and got an Ikea unit to use as our counter.

Then we cut shelving out of MDF

and using pipes, made the walls storage central with tons of shelving.

We painted the walls, the shelves and the Ikea unit.

We also added shelf liners to the Ikea unit to add a pop of color and to protect the shelves.

At this point, the pantry was completely usable, but we had some finishing fun things to add. We added a bunch of storage in the nook area for cleaning supplies

and we replace the handles in the Ikea unit with rope pulls.

and last but not least, we added a new light.

So that's the run down on what we did to create this pantry. Now here are some after shots.

We added this DIY pantry sign to the wall outside the pantry just in case it wasn't clear.

We love how all of the materials we used came together.

And we LOVE how much storage we have for our can goods. It is so nice to be able to see what we have at a glance.

The light gives off a really nice glow in the room and it is such an improvement over the old light.

Another favorite area is our "spice rack" made out of the old bathroom medicine cabinet.

An Ikea stool makes it so I can reach anything in the pantry... even the cans on the top shelf!

We are just so happy with how this space turned out. We are constantly using it as an extra work space and while we've really enjoyed creating this space, we are so glad we can finally cross it off the list!

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  1. I'm impressed with your pantry.
    The floor! Oh my sweet goodness. I love that project.
    The counter and butcher block are the work horse of that room I bet.
    I must admit, the shelving makes me a little bit scared!!!
    Kudos to y'all for your hard work and {bravery}... :)

    1. Thanks so much! We definitely had moments when we weren't sure we were going to get the shelves in but we are so happy we did!