Sunday, February 26, 2012

Most Likely to do the Twist

Last week was a pretty insane week and so I didn't get to post the rest of my Most likely to... posts. Because of this I'm giving you one more and then this week I'll have some updates on the pantry!

Today I bring you: Most Likely to do the Twist. I'm not exactly sure why this post kept getting buried because it was a huge success and one of my new favorite things in our house.

You may remember that we got this tv mount on a killer Black Friday sale. We got it from and instead of paying hundreds of dollars for it we spent a few Hamilton's on it (which sounds a lot weirder then if you do that with any other denomination of money). We don't have a lot of pics showing how we installed it as most of the steps required two people. We just followed the direction and bolted this baby into the studs (we have a 42" TV so we, under no circumstance, wanted this thing to be unstable)

After we hung it up we were able to adjust it to the correct tilt. We still need to hide the wires but we haven't quite decided what we're doing with the walls in the living room yet so we're holding off until then.

This is my favorite feature. The new mount has a huge range of motion (which is what we were looking for) and this makes it so we can not only watch TV in the living room, but also the dining room:

And the Kitchen! I love this feature so much (and it makes cleaning much more enjoyable).

The only downside to the mount is that, since it needs to support a really heavy TV, to change its position takes a little muscle. Nate doesn't seem to have any issue with it (but then again we've already determined he has super strength) but I have a little bit of a hard time. Overall, we really love this mount and it was completely worth every penny we spent on it.

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