Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Most Likely to be Unstable

Next up on our superlative list this week is Most Likely to be Unstable. This honor goes to to our hallway picture gallery.

Our photo gallery is in our front hallway and I love all the photos and sketches that are on display. What I don't like so much is the fact that with any little bump, shake or loud noise in the house, a bunch of the frames tilt.

It's quite annoying and the reason it is so annoying is that it is a constant reminder to myself that I need to replace a bunch of the old wonky frames.

A lot of the frames up right now are cheap frames that have warped over time and others aren't really for hanging and so they are hung in weird ways which is one of the reasons they tilt.

When I find some free time and energy I will get around to fixing my unstable pictures. Until then I am going to try and look past my tilted frames and look at my pretty pictures (or I will continue to compulsively straighten them every time I walk by).

If you are wondering why there is a table blocking our hallway it is because we are working on our pantry floor. Our house is a mess right now with pantry stuff EVERYWHERE.

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