Sunday, July 10, 2011

Living Room

Here is our living room. This was a major selling feature for us when we first saw it. We love the cove ceilings and the cool architectural details around the doorways and fireplace. My favorite feature of the entire house is the little window that is in the fireplace. I'm hoping to accent it later with color. This room is really huge and is both the living room and dining room, but I'll just show you the living room today. We were able to use all of our furniture from the Emory house and it all fits so much better. We don't have our nice TV down yet since we didn't want to put it in the truck so right now we are using our old school boxy TV.

I would like to get color on the walls in here. One thing I'm having trouble with is the cove ceilings. I'm not quite sure how to handle painting the room yet since there is no distinction between the wall and ceiling. Has anyone ever had to deal with this before? I want to accent the cove but I don't want to have an awkward line. I also want to eventually get new curtains or modify my existing ones since these are too short (the ceilings are sooo high!).

We also want to put a mantle on the fireplace and maybe put in a gas stove since real fireplaces and my allergies don't really agree. Some may be wondering why we would need a fireplace at all (let alone two) but apparently, at least people keep telling us, it gets pretty cold in the winter. Since there isn't a super efficient heating system in place in FL, fireplaces come in handy when it is cold. I don't think Nate is going to believe it until he sees it, but I like that we have the option.

We also may end up painting the trim white since a good chunk of the house has been painted but we haven't decided on that yet. The big window between the living room and sun room is so big that there is actually three pieces of glass in it. We like the glass since it keeps the living room cool, but there are awkward gaps between the pieces of glass. Since we really don't like the look, we are either going to try to find a piece of glass that fits the huge window or trim out the smaller pieces of glass to match the trim that is on the windows.

All in all there is a lot that we would like to do in this room. What I love about it is that it is super comfortable right now and nothing that we want to do requires repacking anything!

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