Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthdays and Showers

One of the reasons that I left FL earlier than Nate was to see my sister for her birthday and to go to my Aunt's bridal shower. To recap, I flew to Boston and took the train to ME (by the way I'm not going to complain about my delays on Amtrak anymore since I was lucky enough to not be on the train that hit an 18 wheeler today). I was home long enough to say Happy Birthday to my sis and bring her to get a mani pedi. (I of course got one too).

Happy Birthday Jules!
After just one full day in Maine, my mom and I hopped in the car and headed to upstate NY for my aunt's bridal shower. After a short 8 hour drive, we made it to Cicero and got checked into our hotel. We had a great dinner out with family and then the next day was my Aunt Sue's shower. We spent the morning helping set up and trying to figure out how to make it so everything didn't blow away. By the time the shower started, the wind calmed down and it was a perfect day!

Opening presents


All set for the rehearsal!

                                                                   Family hanging out: Standing: Nick, Mitch, Ken and Joe                                                                Sitting: Sue, Grandma (Rose), Grandma's neighbor, Betty

Betty, Diane, Jessica and Kayliegh (and the back of my head)

Henry trying to be a lap dog
The next day we hopped in the car again and drove back to Maine. During our entire road trip we listened to Sophie Kinsella's book Shopaholic and Baby. It really made the trip feel a lot shorter than it was due to its hilarity and the great thing was that it ended as we pulled into my parent's driveway! Now I'm in Maine for a day and then I head back down to Boston (this time in my car)  tomorrow. Can anybody see a pattern to my travels?

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