Saturday, July 9, 2011

Doggy Photo Shoot

I was away from our dogs for about 2 weeks while we were unpacking the house down in FL. For Nate, he will have been away from them for a month when he finally sees them on Tuesday. For us this is a very, very long time to be away from them and we missed them a lot. I was super excited to see them again and I am happy to report that they didn't forget who I was. My family and I took them for a walk at Bates the night I got in and I took that opportunity to take some pictures of the pups.

Zoe meeting a Great Dane.

Madeline trying to figure out where the Great Danes went to.

Taking a little rest

Large                   Medium                Small

I couldn't get both of them to look at me at the same time

Something interesting on the quad

I think Zoe is catching a couple of ZZZ's
I headed out again withe my mom to NY for my Aunt's bridal shower after just a couple of days, leaving behind a couple of confused faces. I'm looking forward to when we don't have to leave them behind anymore

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