Friday, July 8, 2011

Master Bedroom

Even though I am not in FL right now, I did take some pics before I left of some more rooms. This room is the room that we live in. The master is on the first floor of our house and is part of an addition that was put on the house many years ago. We really like having a bedroom on the first floor because it means that we don't have to cool the upstairs except when we have guests and it includes a full bathroom and french doors out to the backyard which makes taking the dogs out so easy. Nate and I also made the bed frame and the bedside bookcases which fit really well in here so this room is very cozy and comfortable for us. 

We eventually want to upgrade to a king bed since us plus two dogs make a queen feel pretty small (who knew a 7 lb dog could take up 1/2 the bed???) but we really love this bed. The bed frame is a platform (no box spring) and has a ton of storage underneath it. One side has three huge drawers and the other has 3 cubbies that the dogs like to hang out in. Unfortunately, the dogs don't love the cubbies enough to sleep in them because then we could keep the queen.

There are some issues with this room (ugly big a/c unit anyone?) which hopefully will get fixed when the a/c gets fixed on Monday and the roof gets replaced this weekend (which was supposed to be finished a week ago). Right now the central air doesn't actually cool the room, hence the a/c unit, and there is no  gutter or overhang above the door so during really bad rainstorms the water hits the back door and sometimes leaks. Even if those things do get fixed, we would like to eventually overhaul this entire area. Right now the bathroom is taking up a lot of room in the space and we have a room off the bedroom which we are using as an office that we would like to take over and make a large master suite. The bathroom is also a blast from the past and the only one in the house that hasn't been updated so we'd like completely redo it. I do absolutely love having the closet in the bathroom. It is so nice to be able to get dressed without leaving the bathroom and since Nate and I have such different schedules, it allows the person who is sleeping later to actually keep sleeping.

One little fun thing (to me) in this room is my attempt to make the TV less noticeable. I'd like to add more pictures eventually but this is what I already had framed.

Now you have seen 3/4 of our bedrooms. We don't really know what we're going to do with the 4th bedroom yet. We  are considering a game room or a second office, but we aren't really sold on those ideas. Another is a mini living room for when people come and visit. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

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