Friday, December 12, 2014

Twenty Months

Right Now I'm:
  • Loving to eat things out of something (bucket, bag, etc) 
  • Wanting to drink out of regular cups and glasses
  • Notifying mom and dad when I need a diaper change (potty training here we come!)
  • Following simply directions (when I feel like it)
  • Saying a lot but not everyone understands
  • Frustrated when I don't get what I want (see above)
  • Running into my room everyday after daycare to get "eddy" and "wovie" 
  • Singing EIEIO a lot (haven't figured out the rest of the song yet) and sometimes Twinkle Twinkle/ABC's (all you big people know that's the same song right?)
  • Pounding my chest if I want my paci

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