Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Playroom Table

Last week we showed you how we took a well loved playroom table and gave it a new life for Will's new room. After some dry time, we were able to finally get it into the playroom.

I feel like you can get a much better idea about the scale of the table in place. It's the perfect toddler size and it fits the space with plenty of room around the sides for walking. We have it close enough to the bench so that an adult can also sit at the table without having to sit on the little seats (although Will sometimes insists on it).

Since I didn't have any finished pictures of the buckets last week, I thought I would share them now with how we attached them.

We found these little metal buckets at Lowe's and Nate took of the metal handles off leaving the attachment pieces. He bent them so they were level with the top of the bucket.

Once I was done painting the table, I used some small screws and a washer to attach the buckets to the underside of the table. This took a few tries since the only small screws I could find turned out to be aluminum so I kept popping the heads off the screws.

After a good amount of trial and error with pre-drilling, I finally got the screws in and the buckets were solidly held in place.

I was nervous about the size of the table initially but now that it's in the room and all finished I'm loving the little table and the functionality it provides. Will also loves having his own table to play at.

We are down to a short list of little things to finish up in this space. We also have a DIY Christmas present planned for Will that is going in here so we may have to do some toy weeding out before then.

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