Monday, February 3, 2014

Tips for Painting Wood Trim

Priming and painting has begun on the trim in the dining room!

I spent a good chunk of this past weekend in bed with the stomach flu but I've still managed to make some progress in the painting department. I know painting wood trim is a yay for some and a nay for others and it took us awhile to come around to the idea of painting it. We eventually came around to the idea for a few reasons. Most of the rest of the trim in the house is painted white so it made since to make it continuous (we will eventually paint the sunroom trim). Also, our trim wasn't in the best shape. There were a lot of gaps and holes as well a a ton of obvious putty spots where it was nailed up. Lastly, even though our living area receives a lot of light, the wood trim sometimes makes the room feel dark.

Now I've gotten used to painting wooden trim in this house and I've developed a few tricks to make things a little faster/easier.

  1. Prime before caulk: I've found that I can see gaps and holes a lot easier if I prime before caulking. If I go the other way, I almost always have to get the caulk back out to touch up spots I missed.
  2. Use an oil based primer: This saves so much time if you are starting from wood trim. You can paint over it with latex and the coverage is so much better. I've used latex primer in some areas of the house and it takes me a least two coats to see the coverage that you see in the above picture (one coat oil).
  3. Prime trim, paint walls, then paint trim: I find I can be a little lazy with cutting in if I go in this order. I don't need to worry at all with the primer, with the paint I worry a little but I know if I mess up in a spot I'll be coming back through with the trim paint so that's the only coat I really need to be careful on.
It was crazy how much brighter the dining room looked as soon as I was finished priming. I am constantly amazed what a little paint can do to change up a space.

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