Friday, January 31, 2014

5 Goal Friday

In a hope to become more organized this year and be a little more productive on the weekends, I've decided to post 5 weekly house goals (no matter how big or small). The following week I'll see how well I did. Basically, I'm thinking of this as a competition between my motivated side and lazy (aka want to sit on the coach and have a Netflix marathon) side. We'll see how it goes but I'm hoping it will help get some of those project's finished that have been hanging over my head for awhile. Also, this may help answer the question I often get: "How much time is there between when you do a project and when you post". Now you'll see a little bit more of a timeline.

So, let's get this started! My goals this week are all in the dining room in the hope to get it pretty close to finished.

Goal #1: Prime trim: This includes base trim as well as door trim and the trim around our large window

Goal #2: Caulk Trim: The old owners installed a bunch of shoe trim right before they sold it but no caulking happened so there are a lot of gaps to fill

Goal #3: Paint Trim: This includes all the board and batten we just put in as well as all the other trim in the room

Goal #4: Fix ceiling paint color: We initially thought the dining room was the same color as the kitchen used to be, but after Nate painted the new wall after taking the kitchen wall down, we found out the dining room color was a lot lighter... and we've been living with the color mismatch ever since.

Goal #5: Paint walls: Since we finally landed on a paint color, I can't wait to get it up!

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